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The Mt. Baker Scenic Highway, State Route 542, begins in Bellingham, WA. at Exit 255 on Interstate 5 (Milepost 0), and travels in an easterly direction towards Mt Baker. The Cascade foothills are approached near Deming, and the route then generally follows the North Fork Nooksack River valley to Milepost 46, where it crosses the river and begins a steeper climb to the Mt. Baker Recreation area, ending at Artist Point, Milepost 58, Elevation 5,080 feet.

A map depicting Highway 542 from Mile Post 0 to its terminus at Artist Point is shown below followed by a table referencing selected mile post markers with a brief description and nearby photos. Find Mt Baker Weather and Mt Baker Highway Road Report links at Mt Baker Weather,Road,and Snow Reports

Mt Baker Highway, Trails, Campgrounds

Mt Baker Highway Map Milepost 0 to Artist Point Milepost 58 above.

Mile Post

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MP 0 Milepost 0 Mt. Baker Highway (542) Begins at I-5 Intersection in North Bellingham and ends at Artists Point (MP 54).
MP 10 Milepost 10 Nooksack River, Nugents Corner. Jct. Hwy. 9 North.
MP 13.5 Milepost 13.5 Deming, Deming Post Office; Public Library
MP 14 Milepost 14 Jct. Highway 9 South: Turn south, to Forks of Nooksack River and travel on to Acme, Sedro Woolley and Hwy 20.
MP 16.9 Milepost 16.9 Welcome: Jct. Mosquito Lake Rd. Turn southeast to reach North Fork Nooksack River.
MP 23 Milepost 23 Kendall Corner: Kendall School, Jct. Hwy 547. Turn north to Sumas and Canadian Border crossing.
MP 25.8 Milepost 25.8 Town of Maple Falls. Maple Falls Post Office, Public Service Center, Jct. Silver Lake Road and Silver Lake Park.
MP 27.4 Milepost 27.4 Mt Baker Airfield Fly-In Lodging and Camping, Aerial Imaging. Private, call for information and use.
MP 27.5 Milepost 27.5 Glacier Guest Suites Mt. Baker view lodging entry.
MP 28.3 Milepost 28.3 Historic site of U.S.Conservation Corps Camp.
MP 30.9 Milepost 30.9 Hwy 542 crosses N.F. Nooksack River.
MP 33 Milepost 33 Town of Glacier EL:935': Glacier Post Office, public library, grocery, restaurants, ski shop, realtor.
MP 33.8 Milepost 33.8 U.S. Forest Service Ranger Station, public information center.
MP 34.4 Milepost 34.4 Jct. Glacier Creek R, Deadhorse Creek Rd, travel south to Mt. Baker viewpoints and trails.
MP 35 Milepost 35 Nooksack River Bridge and Forest Service campground.
MP 40.7 Milepost 40.7 Jct. Wells Creek Rd., Nooksack Falls.
MP 43.8 Milepost 43.8 Old Growth Douglas Fir Natural Reserve.
MP 46.2 Milepost 46.2 WA State Highways camp, Twin Lakes Rd to the north.
MP 46.3 Milepost 46.3 Hanegan Pass Road, Nooksack River crossing, campground across bridge.
MP 52 Milepost 52 Mt. Baker Ski Area White Salmon Lodge Entry.
MP 52.3 Milepost 52.3 Mt. Shuksan and Ski Lodge viewpoint.
MP 55 Milepost 55 Heather Meadows, Picture Lake, and Mt. Shuksan- what a view!
MP 55.4 Milepost 55.4 Mt. Baker ski area upper lodge area.
MP 56 Milepost 56 US Forest Service Austin Pass picnic area and Table Mountain Viewpoint.
MP 58 Milepost 58 Artists Point Elevation 5,140 ft. End of Highway. Fantastic alpine views.

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